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Juhi Dhawan, PhD

Juhi Dhawan, PhD

Senior Managing Director, Partner & Macro Strategist: Wellington Management

As a member of the firm’s Global Macro Strategy Group, Juhi Dhawan leads Wellington Management’s analysis of the U.S. economy. Her work on growth, inflation, interest rates, and economic policy is a core input to portfolio managers and analysts across the firm. She is an active participant in investment strategy groups and works closely with investors to translate her work into investment ideas and themes. Additionally, she is a member of the firm’s Audit Committee.

Prior to joining Wellington Management in 1995, Ms. Dhawan held positions at the International Monetary Fund (1991–1992) and the World Bank (1992). She received her PhD (1995) and AM (1991) in economics at Brown University. She also holds a BA from the University of Delhi (1989).

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